If you would like to donate to Anthony and Johnathan's fundraiser for Grace's cause, feel free to email Anthony or Johnathan, Paypal donations also accepted to Jiapichello2@gmail.com. 

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My name is Anthony Dos Santos and I am 17 years of age. I have just recently finished my studies for year 12 in Penola Catholic College and am already set for my course next year that I admire. I am one of Grace’s daughter’s best friends, Breeana, and why I am choosing to shave my hair off for Grace is something my instincts chose to do. Whenever I go to school in Penola, I would always spot out Bree and most of the days she’d be keeping a smile on her face then there’s days where she’s at her absolute worst. To watch her struggle to cope with school and to top that all off, balance it with the conditions her mum is going through would have to be the toughest experience of Breanna’s life and I couldn’t help it but put myself by her side and be there for her whenever she was feeling down. I only met Breeana this year and for me to have such a strong connection with her like this makes me want to show my love and support not just for her, but also for her family, especially her mother. If it wasn’t for Pancreatic Cancer, or as they like to call it ‘Sneaky Cancer’, Breanna would be having such a memorable life with her friends, especially her mum and because of this cancer, I will stick by her side for as long as this goes on for. This then gave me the option to shave my head and raise money for Grace and show how dedicated I am to support Bree and her family 100%. I couldn’t imagine what they are all facing right now and to cope with this disease for this long shows just how strong each and every one of them are. Like I said above, my aim/goal is to raise enough funds that will go towards Grace to help find a cure and hopefully demolish Pancreatic Cancer once and for all. 


My name is Jonathan Iapichello, I currently live in Greenvale with a family of 5 and attend Penola Catholic College in Broadmeadows and I am in year 11. Cancer has affected me and my family’s lives, and many of my friend’s lives in a huge way, which is why I am so passionate about raising money for a great cause, because cancer destroys people’s lives, and I feel, that every cent which is donated, is going towards a person whose life has been affected. I am very close with Breeana King, the daughter of Grace King, who has currently suffering from this Cancer. Pancreatic Cancer is terrible and as described by Grace herself, it is the “Sneaky Cancer”, and there is not a lot of research to help prevent or cure this cancer. The goal of Anthony and myself is to raise $1,500, which yes, is a big ask, but we believe it is achievable as we live in a community of very generous and giving society. Anthony and I have taken a pledge to shave our heads to try and raise as much money as possible. Every single cent donated is appreciated so much. Hope you can donate!