24th of June, 2016

Hi all, I would like to thank everyone who has taken time to read Grace's blog and who have responded with some really lovely messages of support to our family.

We have been touched beyond words with the amount of support and tributes to our most beautiful wife and mother and really appreciate all the well wishes. Grace's funeral will be held at St Thomas More Catholic Church 69 North street Hadfield at 12noon on Thursday 30/06/2016 and will then proceed to Fawkner Memorial Park.

Rosary will be held at 7pm on Wednesday 29/06/2016 at Mulqueen Chapel - 825 Sydney road North Coburg. Grace has left such beautiful and lasting impression on so many people and for that i am so so proud. My heart is not broken but shattered, I hope over time it may heal as i want find the strength to continue her journey and make her as proud of me as I am of her.

Rest in Peace my Bella, I love you - Always have and always will.

22nd of June, 2016

Its with a very heavy and broken heart that I write this blog tonight. Our very much loved wife and mother has lost her battle with this most hideous disease.

Grace passed away at 6.05pm tonight at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Her journey here may have come to an end but her dream to find a cure for this disease will continue on through her legacy.

I ask that you all continue to fight to find a cure as this is the wish of my beautiful wife. Aaron, Breeana, Myself and Graces brother John thank you all from the bottom of our broken hearts for supporting our Amazing Grace through her journey, and hope you continue to keep her dream alive of one day finding a cure for Pancreatic Cancer.

21st of June, 2016

Just a quick update as I have been in hospital by Graces side as she continues to fight her biggest battle yet.

I would like all her friends and supporters to say a pray and continue to keep her in your thoughts as she is not well at all.

The comments we get thru her blogs are what keeps us going and we as a family really appreciate all of your support.

Once again this amazing lady continues to inspire us with her courage and her ability to encourage all around her.

18th of June, 2016

Hi all, Just to let everyone know that we have been in hospital with Grace since Thursday and have been unable to blog.

Grace is fighting infection and has been unwell but continues to thank everyone for their well wishes. Doctors have asked that we keep visitors to immediate family only and short visits.

Aaron,Breeana and myself are always by her side and we ask that you all just say a little pray and keep her in your thoughts. Our beautiful mum and wife continues to inspire us even through her toughest battle.

15th of June, 2016

Morning all, well yesterday Grace had a surprise visitor all the way from Cairns as her sister in law Leeanne has come down to pay her a visit.

It is always a pleasure to see her and Grace was extremely pleased to spend the day with her. Again Kate cooked a lovely meal and the fun and laughter continued around the kitchen table as we always do when we are together.

Today i get to cook an italian dish that she has taught me so heres hopeing i dont stuff it up (lol). As time goes on it becomes harder for Grace to talk on the phone or respond to her text messages,but she wants you all to know she appreciates all the well wishes and thanks you all again for all the support.

14th of June, 2016

Hi all, after spending all the long weekend in hospital fighting an infection Grace is finally relieved to be back at home.

As you could imagine with her immune system very low these types of infections can occur.Thanks again to the staff from the Royal Melbourne who do a great job in looking after her.

Today a hospital bed and wheelchair arrived at home to make things a bit more comfortable for her to move around the house and to hopefully help her sleep a little better.

Once again she sends her best wishes to everyone and hopes you all enjoy your day.

10th of June, 2016

Hi all, just a quick update on Grace.

Yesterday Grace was admitted to hospital due to the amount of fluid in her legs, hip area and stomach.

The plan is to slowly extract 3 to 4 kgs of fluid from her over the weekend to make it more comfortable for her.

Last night was a restless night for her so today she hopes to catch up on the lost sleep.

Once again she sends her best wishes and asks that you enjoy your day and weekend

9th of June, 2016

Good morning all, well yesterday Grace had a lovely day with Breeana's school friends who all went out of there way to make a lovely lunch that she totally enjoyed.

Once again thankyou for brightening up her day and for being there for Breeana.

Grace is having trouble with swelling in her legs which is making it difficult to get around at the moment so we are going to ask the doctor if they are able to drain the fluid to give her some relief - Otherwise she is not doing too badly and wishes everyone the best and said to enjoy your day.

8th of June, 2016

Good morning all, just a little late this morning but better late than never.

Yesterday was a bit of a struggle as Graces blood pressure was a little low and this leads to her being a bit fatigue and not keen to venture to far from the couch.T

oday her reading is alot better and although she is currently sleeping her day is about to get a lift. Breeana`s school friends have decided to cook lunch for her today which is an amazing effort from an amazing group of friends.

Breeana is very fortunate to have some of the best friends and Grace and i are extremely grateful to them.

I will let you all know how it goes in tomorrows blog so until then have a good day and keep rugged up as it is cold out there

7th of June, 2016

Good morning all, i hope this blog finds you all well.

Firstly i must apologize for not doing yesterdays blog but after such a huge day Sunday i was just too tired and actually spent the afternoon asleep. Lets talk about Sunday, it was Graces wish that all the family come for lunch and for a chance for her to let them know what they all meant to her.

It was a day of celebration and laughter and no tears were allowed. Grace was even up to photos with everyone who attended and in her own words ( had a lovely day). So after such a big day you would think a good sleep would be on the cards no such luck.

That night was spent in the emergancy department of the Royal Melbourne as Grace had a temperature and pain in her ribs after a fall at home early Friday morning. All is good just a viral infection and we were back home by 5am hence my reason for the afternoon siesta. Thankyou to all who came everyone brought a plate of food and as you could imagine no-one went hungry in fact we are still eating the left overs.

Once again we thankyou all you made her day and again got to see what remarkable wife i have.I hope you all have a good day

3rd of June, 2016

Good morning all, Well its a bit of a foggy start to the day so all take care out there on the roads.

Yesterday Grace had a visit from her mother inlaw (my mum) and a few of her cousins and she had a great time. She also received a visit from one of the boys who shaved his hair to raise awareness of this horrible disease so thank you Anthony. Last night we had a visit from some of Breeana`s school friends from primary school these girls have been best of friends since Grade One and still are the best of friends 12 years on.

Aaron was taken out to tea by his mates which is comforting to know the kids have such good people looking out for them.

Once again we are touched by all the support we are receiving and Grace apologies that she doesnt have the energy to respond to these. It again shows what a remarkable woman she is as she is still worried about everyone else instead of herself.

That is all for today so please take care and enjoy your weekend as we will be enjoying it with our lovely family

2nd of June, 2016

Good morning all once again it is Gary who is writing this blog again on behalf of Grace.

Firstly I would like to say how blown away I was with the reaction to yesterdays blog and how highly Grace is respected by all you lovely people out there. It certainly brought a smile to her face and a few tears as well as we read the blogs and were deeply touched by all your support.Grace spent yesterday with some visitors popping in thru out the day and even managed to sit out on the deck enjoying our winter sun for an hour.

Once again our beautiful sister in law Kate helped out in the kitchen and with Grace teaching her proceded to make her some Tripe(an Italian dish) that she and her brother totally enjoyed,Kate has been a great help in between working and looking after her brother and we are so indebted to her.

Mornings are normally pretty tough as we get ready for the day ahead as to shower nowadays always takes a big effort but once thru this stage we are back into routine and looking forward to the day.

As i sign off this morning Grace has asked that you enjoy your day and please take care.

1st of June, 2016

Good morning all,

This morning it is Gary not Grace who is writing this blog, as Grace is seriously ill.

Unfortunately scans that she had last week have delivered us some bad results. All tumours have gotten larger and to the extent that Graces huge battle with this horrible disease is becoming increasingly more difficult.

We now only have a small time frame left with this most inspiring and beautiful lady. Grace would like to thank each and everyone of you that has taken time out to read her journey and who have helped her fight this fight. As a family we are indebted to so many wonderful family and friends who have been with us throughout this journey and continue to ask for your prayers thru these coming weeks.

I will endeavour to keep posting thru out this time as it is Graces wish to continue to fight and find an answer for this horrible disease.

25th of May, 2016

Good morning all,

I hope that you are all well. It has been a while since I have written anything, and that is only because I have not been well and was admitted to hospital and was discharged yesterday afternoon. I am still not quite myself but a little better. So please do not think that I have forgotten about all of you because I haven't. Your support is so appreciated and that is something that I cannot forget.

As I have been extremely ill I need to allow my body to rest up for a while so, for the rest of this week I will be taking it quite easy and therefore I have made the decision of not writing anything for the rest of this week but will commence in writing my posts from next week. I am hoping that by resting I will be able to regain my strength.

So I hope that you have great week and weekend and I will speak to you all soon. Please take care.

12th of May, 2016

Good morning all,

I hope that you are all well, I am not too bad this morning feeling a little bit better.

Considering I am feeling a little bit better this morning, I thuoght that I might just go out for a while just for a change of scenery. So not much is really happening at the moment except that tomorrow is when I go to see the Clinical Trial Oncologist so it will be interesting to see if I can go on this trial.

So I hope that you all have a great day and I will speak to you all soon. Please take care

10th of May, 2016

Good morning all,

Yes, it has been quite a few days since my last post, but I have not been well at all the past number of days, so I hope that this post finds you all well.

I certainly hope that you all had a wonderful weekend and I hope that all the Mothers out there had a fantastic Mothers Day.

As mentioned I have not been well at all for a number of days, but I am feeling not too bad this morning. Although, yesterday I think was the last straw as to how I have been feeling and I physically was totally non functional. I had my lovely sister in law Kate come over yesterday and spend the day with me and she was so kind to get a delicious dinner ready and did quite a number of things around the home for me, so I am ever so grateful to her because I don't think that I could have coped at all yesterday without her help. So thank you so very much Kate what you did yesterday is so appreciated.

Not much is really happening at the moment, just waiting for Friday to come along and then I go to see the Clinical Trial Oncologist about this new trial, so for the rest of the week I think I am going to take it a little easy to try and build my strength up.

I hope that you all have a wonderful day and I will speak to you all soon, so please take care.

3rd of May, 2016

Good morning all,

I hope that you are all well, I am not too bad this morning just need to get motivated.

So not much has been happening at the moment, just waiting for my next appointment with the Oncologist for the Clinical Trial which is next Friday, so keeping fingers crossed that I will be able to go onto the trial. I have not been feeling too bad, just that my blood pressure has reduced dramatically and my GP has taken me off the blood pressure tablets because my bloodpressure has been coming down way too low and obviously I have not been feeling the best because of it, but since being off the tablets I have felt a lot better and I am monitoring my blood pressure every morning and it has been really good and at normal readings.

Well, tomorrow I will have a Pallative Nurse come to see me and to have a look at my needs and to see what support and cancer patients needs are required. Hopefully, they will be able to assist me in getting someone to come and help me with household chores seeing I cannot get any assistance from the Council as according to them because I am not on a disability pension they cannot help, this makes me so angry as I don't think I am asking for much but who is going to argue with system, I'm not because I cannot win with them. It just makes me angry because us Cancer patients do need help with just general household chores, does it really matter that we may not be on any sort of pension or get any assistance from the Govt, we are sick we are not acting and I think that we deserve to get some household assistance is a must! I even had my GP write up a care plan for me for this assistance to give to the Council and yet the Council don't want to hear about it. Local Govt wonderful!

That is all the news I have for today, so I hope that you all have a wonderful day, even though it is quite windy and I will speak to you all soon. Please take care.

27th of April, 2016

Good morning all,

Well, it has been a few days since I have written anything so I hope that this post finds you all well and that you all had a lovely long weekend.

We had a lovely weekend, our nephews wedding took place on Saturday and it was such a beautiful day. It was a lovely wedding and the bride and groom looked beautiful, as did the bridesmaids and groomsmen. We all had a lovely time and once again I would like to wish Jodie and Dale all the very best for their future together, I hope that it is filled with lots of love and happiness.

So last week, Gary and I went to see the Oncologist about the other Clinical trial and hopefully in the next four weeks I will be able to commence this next trial. This particular clinical trial is given intravenously (sorry if I spelt this wrong) and I asked the Oncologist that due to the clotting in my left arm (which is still there) and the difficulties in getting to the veins in my right arm due to scaring etc. whether it is advisable for me to have a pic line again, and he stated that it may be the way to go. So fingers crossed that I meet the criteria to commence this trial.

Not much is happening today, so I think I might go and visit my brother for a while today and then come home, so I hope that you all have a wonderful day and enjoy the sunshine if you can and I will speak to you all soon. Please take care.

22nd of April, 2016

Good morning all,

I hope that you are all well, I am feeling ok this morning.

Yesterday, I had a lovely visit from my cousin Josie and Teresa, it was lovely to see them, but I must also thank them because they did some household chores for me, thank you so very much it is truly appreciated.

So, this morning Gary and I are going to the hospital to see the Trial Oncologist to discuss the other clinical trial and when this will be available and of course if it is suited to my situation. I hope that with some guidance from them I will be able to commence on another clinical trial that best suits my needs. Fingers Crossed!

Well, I hope that you all have a wonderful long weekend and I will speak to you all soon. Please take care.

19th of April, 2016

Good morning all,

I hope that you are all well. I am not too bad, just having a bit of an off day I think today. Have had a few of these lately, but that past two days were not too bad.

I will be having a few busy days in the next few days, yesterday Gary and I went to the Alfred Hospital to meet with an Oncologist that my Oncologist had arranged, about another trial. We met with the Oncologist and was advised that there is two clinical trial that will take place in a couple of weeks, so we have got all the details and we have another meeting with another Oncologist on Friday about another Clinical Trial so a decision will be made then.

Today, I have an appointment with my Podiatrist and then I think its rest for the remainder of the day.

Tomorrow I will be going back to the Hospital for an Ultra Sound to my left arm. This is to see if the clotting has subsided and whether I can stop the Clexaine Injections, yes I am still having to have these injections every night. So fingers crossed that all is well.

So I have a very busy week this week with appointments but we also have a beautiful wedding to attend to on Saturday. Our nephew Dale is getting married on Saturday, I would like to take this opportunity in wishing both Dale and Jodie all the very best for their big day on Saturday and I am sure that everything will go according to plan. I look forward to seeing them both on Saturday and help celebrate this important day.

So for now, I just want to wish you all a wonderful day and I will speak to you all soon, so please take care.