The NABNEC Study

I have a vision to raise $50,000 for pancreatic cancer and to do everything in my power to raise awareness of this treacherous disease. I myself am currently seeking chemotherapy treatment for this disease that I did not discover until my daughter said to me “Mum, the whites of your eyes are yellow”. Until this moment I had put my symptoms of dramatic weight loss, stress, and fatigue all down to my current very stressful life with a brother and father both in critical condition in two different hospitals. By the time I got to the doctor, I was given an initial diagnosis of stress and gastroenteritis. It is my dream that through fundraising that I might be able to reach and save just one fellow pancreatic cancer patient as well as ensure this “not so sexy cancer” is out there and prevalent in people’s hearts, minds and thoughts.

The NABNEC Study is a pilot clinical trial in neuroendocrine cancers, commonly arising from the pancreas. Nationwide a large number of Australian oncologists and scientists have banded together to collaborate on this project. The pilot NABNEC study will be running at Royal Melbourne Hospital, Monash Health, Barwon Health, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in South Australia and Royal North Shore Hospital in NSW. With the funds for managing the study activities being administered by Deakin University. This study is led by Dr Mustafa Khasraw, Senior Clinical Lecturer at Deakin University. Collaboration team-to-team is essential for game-changing breakthroughs and fosters relationships that improve their capacity for generating and applying new knowledge.  

The pilot study urgently seeks support so that the infrastructure may be established before a larger clinical trial is conducted. With the sole purpose of all trials to provide an opportunity to monitor the course of the disease within individual patients through profiling changes in proteins and gene expression patterns. The study searches for new treatments to the disease with the focus of improving outcomes for patients. Applications for federal government funding have been submitted, however further funding is required to enable this trial to proceed. It is hoped that the trial will shed some light on why one strain of this cancer will not respond to any treatment, giving patients no hope of recovery. Results are hoped to show why this is so different from other pancreatic cancers The NABNEC trial will reach far beyond just one pancreatic cancer sufferer to thousands of patients over time.

The funds I raise through generous donations will go directly to supporting researchers in the NABNEC Study under the King Family Scholarship name. This level of donation will enable the creation of new PhD research positions. This means there will be brilliant minds dedicated five days a week, 9am to 5pm on researching new treatments for cancer patients. 

Research is the key to extending our knowledge in the area of cancer treatment. It is critical to new cancer treatment development and will enable progress and identification of new ideas that profoundly impact the way we treat. By supporting research positions, it is possible to attract leading researchers and grow strong, life changing discoveries. Through investing in these leaders and innovators, all of these opportunities become possible.